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THIS WEEK ONLY - the winner will win a designer handbag and it will be delivered on Saturday 6th October by Jack Fowler from ITV2's Love Island!

*NOTE: If you're the winner, you MUST be available to meet Jack Saturday 6th October. More information in our T&C’s.

Welcome to Arm Candy

If you love designer handbags you’ve come to the right place! We give you the chance to win the handbag of your choice for as little as £2 with our sweet-guessing game.

Start by choosing the bag you’d like to win from this weeks Arm Candy selection. We’ve got something for everyone’s taste, lifestyle and attitude. To enter, simply guess the number of sweets in the jar. The person who guesses the closest wins their chosen handbag. It’s that simple.

We personally deliver handbags to our lucky winners all around the UK. Play along before Sunday and you could be next weeks winner!