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How does it work each week?

Selected bags from world leading brands
Guess how many sweets are in the jar
The closest guess wins their chosen bag!


We understand that winning a handbag seems too good to be true, but we are very much real. Based in Manchester, we’ve been running for several months and since our launch, we have met lucky winners from all around the UK.

Visit our Winners page to see our winners so far with their choice of handbag. Our social media pages have more images and videos of them unwrapping their prize too!

The sweets are filmed when counted and uploaded to our social media platforms for you to watch, and you get to keep the sweets too so you know exactly how many are in there.

It’s quick and easy!

  • Visit our Homepage,
  • Select the handbag you’d love to win,
  • Choose the number of tickets,
  • Guess the number of sweets in the jar.

You’ll then receive a confirmation e-mail with your guesses.

On the following Monday, we’ll conduct the count as soon as possible and announce the official number across social media. A member of Arm Candy will then phone the lucky winner to congratulate them and arrange for delivery. Double-check your e-mail and phone number when submitting the guesses so you don’t miss out on the excellent news.

If you’re unable to answer the phone, we’ll leave you a voicemail.

We give away a designer handbag once a week. You can play along from Monday 00:00 until Sunday 23:59, every week. Any guesses which fall after Sunday’s deadline, will automatically be entered into the following week’s competition.

We'll hand-deliver your handbag to your nearest public place (such as a hotel, pub or place of work). When we call to congratulate you on winning, we’ll ask for your availability and will arrange transportation to come to you.

We'll ask a few questions about our service, website layout and handbag selection for feedback on Arm Candy. With your permission, we’ll photograph you holding the handbag so you can be showcased on our winners’ page. The process usually takes less than 30 minutes, and we don’t expect any of our winners to dress up for the occasion; we want the photographs to look and feel like you.

Feel free to bring someone along with you for the meet-up.

You get to choose! The beauty of Arm Candy is that we put you in control of your prize. We are constantly updating our handbag selection with high-end brands, so opt for a style which suits your tastes and lifestyle.

If you have any preference on colour, you can specify this if you are the winner, and we’ll try our best to get this for you.

We purchase all of the handbags from reputable retail outlets such as Selfridges or Harvey Nichols and it will arrive to you in its original packaging (and if applicable) with all authentic paperwork. You’ll then receive a copy of the receipt by e-mail with information about where and when the handbag was bought from and the date of purchase.

No! There’s a guaranteed winner every week, so if nobody predicts the exact number in the jar, the closest guess to the official count wins. You can also play multiple tickets at the ticket purchasing stage to get a great deal!

In the event that two or more players guess the exact number of sweets in the jar, they’ll be invited to a tie-breaker challenge. At this stage, the entrants will be contacted via phone or e-mail to guess the amount of sweets in a new jar.

There will only be only handbag winner, and those who are not the ‘winner’, will be rewarded a £50 Selfridges voucher.