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Find out if your guess was the closest

The count was filmed at Arm Candy UK Headquarters in Manchester.

About the Count

Each week a new jar of sweets is sourced from a local supplier. The jar is sealed and the number of sweets contained is unknown. The competition closes each Sunday night at midnight. The official count takes place the following Monday and is filmed and published online. The count is filmed and published online. During the count, the sweets are handled with extreme care, using protective gloves and sterilised containers so that the sweets remain edible for the lucky winner!

The result is posted here on the Arm Candy website and distributed across our social media channels.

The Winner

Once the result has been posted here on the Arm Candy website and across our social media channels, we contact the winner. The winner will be the entrant who guessed the closest to the official count result. Our team will call with the good news and follow up with a confirmation email. The handbag will be delivered personally by the Arm Candy team, filmed and photographed for promotional purposes and inducted onto the Arm Candy website Wall of Fame! As if this isn’t enough, the lucky winner will also receive the jar of sweets, and at this point will know exactly how many there are to eat!